Commercial Refrigeration

If there are perishable items that your business needs, then commercial refrigeration is a must. If you do not have proper commercial refrigeration in place, you risk your products going to waste. This can, of course, negatively impact your business.

At Plumbing Master Systems, Inc., we know how costly it can be when products go to waste. This is why we pride ourselves on providing reliable commercial refrigeration services to businesses all over South Florida.

Depending on the size of your commercial building and your specific refrigeration needs, companies will require different types of refrigeration equipment and services. At PMS, we offer a range of options when it comes to both equipment and services. This includes walk-in refrigeration systems, top-mount refrigeration systems, and more. No matter what your requirements are, we can help provide you with the best refrigeration solution.

In addition to installation and replacement, we also offer quality maintenance and repair services. If you want your refrigeration system to operate efficiently and last for an extended period of time, regular maintenance checks and timely repairs are a must. The more you take care of your commercial refrigeration unit, the longer your products will operate effectively.

When Should You Call a Professional?
If you notice that your refrigeration system has stopped working, you should contact a professional right away. It is also recommended to monitor the average temperature of your equipment so that you can tell when something is off. If you are noticing spoilage, it could be due to a breakdown or the unit may just be having trouble trying to keep up with the amount of use it is getting. Weather can also cause some issues with your refrigeration system. It is possible for warmer weather to affect the refrigeration system and cause a malfunction.

A team of experienced technicians can provide all of the below:

Timely Repair
Time is of the essence when a commercial refrigeration system shuts down. It is critical to have it repaired as quickly as possible to avoid loss or damages. At PMS, we offer emergency services in addition to commercial refrigeration installation and repair.

Comprehensive Experience
At PMS, we have many years of experience in handling all refrigeration needs for businesses of all sizes. We have provided installations, maintenance, and repair for all types of commercial refrigeration units. We can help you in determining the most cost-effective and efficient refrigeration solution for your business. Some of the areas we specialize in include:
• Restaurant and bar coolers
• Restaurant and bar refrigerators
• Refrigerated display cases
• Walk-in refrigerators
• Reach-in refrigerators
• Beer coolers
• And, many more.

At PMS, our trained specialists are licensed, certified, and insured by the state of Florida to install, maintain, and repair commercial refrigeration units and systems.

Plumbing Master Systems, Inc. delivers quality, reliable and friendly service. We can help design a customized refrigeration system that is best suitable for your business. For more information on our South Florida commercial refrigeration services, contact us at 954-797-7276.