Duct Work

If your home or business has a forced air system, then it heavily relies on the ductwork in order to properly cool or heat the vicinity through the return and supply vents. If you want your home or business to be comfortable at all times, then it is imperative that your air ducts are well designed, installed and maintained. Keeping your air ducts in a good condition will help to prevent the loss of air through any holes or loose links.

If your ductwork is improperly installed, fabricated, or sealed, many issues can occur. In many cases, homeowners and building owners lose over 20 percent of the air that is going through the vents because of leaky ducts. As a result of this, your utility bills will increase and your home or business will most likely become quite uncomfortable.

How do you know if your home or business is experiencing leaking ducts? If you notice high energy bills in either the summer or winter months, this is a good indicator that you have leaky ducts. If you have certain rooms within your home or building that hard to cool down or heat up, this is another indicator that you have leaky ducts. In addition, there are certain ducts that are more susceptible to leaks such as an attic or garage duct. You should be proactive in setting up maintenance checks to make sure there are no leaky ducts for these specific areas every so often. Also, if you notice twisted flexible ducts, this can also be a good sign of leaky ducts.

While you can try a temporary solution like special tape to help seal the leaky ducts, it is suggested to contact a South Florida ductwork expert to ensure everything is set up properly and running efficiently.

At Plumbing Master Systems, Inc. (PMS), our experienced specialists have helped homeowners and business owners throughout all of South Florida with all of their ventilation needs for over 10 years. We provide a thorough list of ductwork services in South Florida, as well as duct cleaning services for existing ducts.

Some of the other areas that which ductwork technicians in South Florida can assist with include:

Duct Testing
PMS can assist with duct testing where our licensed and certified specialists will look at the air pressure of your ducts to see how much air you may be losing. Once we determine the amount of air you are losing, we will advise on the best solution to fix this issue.

Duct Insulation
PMS can also assist with duct insulation services. Our team of experts will make sure that your air effectively maintains the correct temperature as it moves throughout your home or building.

Duct Sealing
At PMS, we specialize in comprehensive duct sealing services. Our qualified technicians will first do a full review of your ductwork to determine where the leaky ducts are, and what is causing the leaks. We will advise on the best solution so that any holes, cracks, loose joints, or other damages are repaired, and your ductwork is working efficiently and effectively again.

Bettering Your Air Quality
At PMS, we know how important air quality is to both the health of your family or employees and to the environment. This is why we offer the ability to install an ultraviolet (UV) light within the ductwork. This UV light gives off radiation that can then help to sterilize the air, therefore destroying any harmful items such as bacteria or mold. As a result, your air quality is greatly enhanced.

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Only an experienced professional should handle the installation, repair, and maintenance of ductwork. At PMS, we have over 30 years of combined experience in handling all ventilation and ductwork needs for both homeowners and business owners.

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